Concrete Kerb

“The Strongest Kerb @ A Great Price” 

In every Carpark and loading bay environment vehicle strikes are assured. If you have used an inferior method of kerb construction; then breakages, cracking and lifting regularly occurs at these vehicle strike points. 

Other current Kerbing construction methods use low slump Concrete, pressed into a mould and coated with a dress finish of slurry. Unfortunately this method often doesn’t offer the structural integrity needed for use in Carparks, Commercial and Civil Environments. These breakages have to be repaired and that costs money. 

Our machine uses paddles and vibration to compact the concrete around the reinforcing bars. This means that the kerb is now made out of reinforced concrete just like a concrete slab. The kerb is then steel finished without the requirement for a slurry dress coat. 

You will get the strongest, best looking Kerb available in Australia. Our Kerb is able to absorb, “without adverse effects”, all reasonably foreseeable events, including the impact of being run into and/or over by any cars, trucks and/or machinery. 

We build kerb to IPWEA and Main Roads Standards, using the latest slip form paddle compaction machines. The 32 MPA concrete is placed at 30 to 50 slump. 

Our concrete Kerb can be installed in a range of shapes & sizes to suit your individual requirements.


Some benefits of Kerbs for Carparks Concrete Kerb includes:

Greater strength than dry mix Kerb! – No Breakages will save you time and money. 

Less curing time required – Backfill, compact and trim after only 24 hours curing time. 

Meets and exceeds all strength requirements for Main Roads and IPWEA Standards. Higher slump concrete allows proper hydration and compaction. This method ensures concrete strength compliance.


If you need Concrete Kerbing, why not use the Strongest Kerb.

Your customers will love you for it